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Derivation of the name Eternal
and positioning of its products.

Eternal is a fine solid white shirt, but we set this shirt to be our ultimate flagship model. Due to the fact that fashion moves faster than the speed of light, it is difficult to keep track of the absolute "latest" fashion trend. Yet a solid white shirt reigns as a permanent basic item that is timelessly loved across the globe. For this reason, this shirt was named “Eternal”. Eternal will be fine tuned every year, nonetheless it will always remain a solid white shirt, positioned as the flagship of CORALNINE, the brand that is thoroughly devoted to outstanding design and quality.

Gift from OKAYAMA

First of all, speaking of Japan quality, the fact that many surfers recognise Japanese wetsuits to be the finest, should explain the high technology and quality of Japanese products.

To be truthful, the shirt we designed over a long time, producing samples repeatedly, turned out to be a product that requires high/complex sewing technique. Certainly making one sample was not an issue, however, when it came to looking for a factory that is capable of carrying out production at a reasonable cost, it became a completely different story.

One of the obstacles that we had to overcome was the collar. In order to maintain the beautiful arch of the collar, the material size of the outer and inner collar slightly varies. Furthermore, speaking of the interlining, we fuse together one thick/soft piece and two thin pieces which are different shapes. In order to finish a shirt extraordinarily with such complicated structure, high sewing technique was a mandatory, thus we struggled to find a factory that can meet our quality standard.

In the course of looking for an excellent partner, following our connections, we finally reached Okayama Japan. We visited Okayama, strolled through the city, talked with people at the factories. Furthermore, we took time to touch the fresh breeze of the ocean and looked up the sky, listened to waves with our hearts, we were inspired by the power of the land. That moment we knew this is it. The indented coastline of Okayama, said to be the most spectacular coastline in Japan, is even mystic. Tracing back the history, Okayama anciently has been a production area of cotton, as so textile and garment industry has been well-developed traditionally.

Craftsmanship has thrived in this land for long time, and we had no doubt that shirts made by exceptional tailors in Okayama Japan will fascinate surfers all around the world.

Formfitting design for surfers
This is probably the first dress shirt designed for adult surfers.

Why did we make this shirt?

Many surfers might be feeling that long years of paddling have overdeveloped their upper arms, back muscles, and chest muscles. A reason why one would feel so is, currently many apparel brands design so that their clothes will appear good on slim people. The problem was, when you try on a shirt you like in the right length, it will be too tight around the arms and chest, and on the other hand, when you try on a shirt which fits your arms and chest, you can only find a shirt that is as long as a dress.

A desire to solve this problem and to produce a classy shirt which surfers can wear comfortably, as we become more mature, a shirt which will show in an elegant occasion was the starting point of the design.

There may actually not be many occasions for surfers to wear dress shirts. However, all the more we wish that when there shall be such an occasion, you can throw on a simple but well-designed shirt and go out feeling great.

  • In the process of designing this shirt, we focused most on the overall silhouette and the V-zone of the neckline.

    Designing a simple white shirt is a tough-to-fudge job. A good product will require not only nice fabric but also an exquisite design. However, we decided to make this challenge and create a perfect simple shirt eliminating every single waste.

  • The secret hidden under the gentle arch of the collar and the drape of the neckline.

    We have patterned the neckline so that it will drape elegantly when you undo the first button, and this is our unique design feature. It seems easy to find a shirt with a modestly draped neckline, but in fact it is very rare. We are quite confident that anybody will be able to tell that our shirt is high quality in one glance. We have now reached a point of perfection, and we believe that we have invested tremendous time and effort along the way. As the neckline formed by the drape somehow looks like an upside down snail, we named the drape “Shell Drape”.

    The collar of this shirt is designed to gradually form an arch towards the neck as you wear it. In order to create this arch, we changed the sizes of the outer and inner material of the collar, selected an interlining which is firm but does not hurt the neck, and fuse together a total of three interlining materials; one thick/soft material and two thin materials which shape differ from the thick one.

  • Asymmetric design.

    You can not tell from the appearance, but the arms are designed asymmetrically. This is meant to avoid the cuffs being caught by large a wristwatch such as a diver’s watch and make the shirt feel uncomfortable. The diameter of the left cuff is designed slightly larger than the right, and the left and right arms are designed differently so that the line to towards the cuff can be sewn smoothly.

Comfortable/high quality material and sewing.

We use 63% cotton, 32% nylon, 5% polyurethane, soft stretch material made in Japan. In general, it is said that high quality fabric is made from thin thread, and needless to mention, we use thin thread as well. One way to tell the sewing quality of a shirt is how narrowly stitched in a pitch. To proof our quality, our shirt is sewn carefully fine pitched to have 13 stitches in 1 inch. In addition, sewing stretch fabric demands high technique, so each shirt is hand-sewn by a proficient tailor. The 5% polyurethane produces the stretch, and this makes the shirt significantly comfortable.

In this way, this shirt “Eternal” is created upon ingenuity and technique in each detail. Each and all of these little details make a big difference in the design and comfortableness of wearing the shirt, which may be similar to fact that the details of structures of concaves and rockers of surfboards are important even if you cannot tell from far away.