The greatest characteristic of Reflex lies
in the fine texture of the fabric that
gives off a slightly glossy feel.

To start with the reason why we came up with the idea of creating this unique T-shirt, we thought it might be interesting if there would be a T-shirt made by a surf brand, which you could wear to dine at Nobu (a Japanese restaurant in Malibu). In other words, we aimed at developing an upgraded high quality T-shirt.

Obsession for fabric

Basically, the production process of fabrics is twisting fiber and turning it into thread, then knitting or weaving the thread to turn it into fabric. Therefore, the quality of the original fiber will make a huge difference in the final quality of the fabric. Regarding cotton fiber, it is said that the longer the length, the higher the quality of the fiber is.

Long fibers have good texture and softness, and give a beautiful gloss when it becomes fabric.

Especially, long fiber cotton produced in the US is called Pima Cotton, and its high quality is guaranteed. The fiber we use for the fabric of Reflex is Supima (Abbreviation of Superior Pima), which has the best quality among Pima Cotton.

Accordingly, the fabric itself has a beautiful texture, but furthermore we add a process called mercerization. This process makes the face of the fiber smooth and it adds a glossy feel to the fiber.

Mercerization makes the fiber easier to dye, and so gives fabric a brilliant color.

In addition to mercerization, we add a processing using microorganism called bio-processing, in order to give fabric even more softness.

Reflex is a T-shirt that has been delivered by a productive collaboration of US and Japan, using the forementioned highest quality Supima Cotton from the US, and finishing process and sewing techniques of Japan.

  • Obsession for shape

    Our other passion lies in the silhouette that tapers towards the waist. This shape is common with the CORAL NINE products, and provides a solution to problems for many surfers, such as sleeves being too long compared to their shoulder or chest size. These aspects help the overall shape look fit.